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We are a boutique real estate advisory company offering full range of investment and asset management services in Central European markets and France.

We deliver complex and above standard services to both real estate investors and property owners.


Our extensive market knowledge combined with our sound understanding of real estate key investment objectives ensure perfect alignment between our client's expectations and our bespoke solutions. 

Looking Up at Skyscrapers


We will accompany you in your investment and asset management strategies to get the best performance of your real estate assets.


Emmanuel Gluntz
Company Founder

Emmanuel is an experienced real estate investment and asset management professional with a proven track record of successful business accomplishments within CEE.  


His 25 years of experience have seen him drive performance across a broad spectrum of real estate operations in retail, office, logistics and residential asset classes in five Central European countries, as well as the Czech Republic. Since founding ALTAM Real Estate he has worked with well-established national and international corporations on various real estate projects of varying complexity in the Czech Republic. 


Prior to this Emmanuel held regional positions at JLL, Klepierre, AEW and Sogec amongst others. His responsibilities included complex management of real estate portfolios across Central Europe, valued at billions of Euros. 


His strength lies in his network of high-level decision makers which he is able to leverage to bring both on-and off-market opportunities to bear.  


Emmanuel is an Advisor for Foreign Trade (Conseiller du Commerce Extérieur de la France) to the French Ambassador in the Czech Republic. 


When he’s not making deals, he can be found on a golf course or on a horse. 








Kateřina Horiszny


Kateřina began her professional career very early on in her parents' family-run companies. This foundation gave her an understanding of business from A to Z.

She spent years importing luxury foods from all across the globe and subsequently selling them to 5-star hotels and fine dining restaurants all over the Czech Republic.

In 2017, she founded a new corporate division focused on VIP catering for private jets, which is now in the hands of her brother with a reputation as one of the best private jets catering companies in Europe.

In recent years, she has been around companies in various fields such as luxury concierge, and private healthcare to set the standard in services and products that would allow these companies to succeed among the most demanding clients.

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