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Property sourcing

Through a network built up over a quarter of a century doing business in Central Europe, we are able to provide access to on- and off-market properties to match a wide range of investment strategies.


Advisory during acquisition process

We take a consultative lead to manage the many dynamics involved in the acquisition of a commercial property. From location and best use analysis to market feasibility studies and all necessary due diligence, our experience and best practise advisory services mean security from inception to finalisation of the transaction.


Transaction management

Transactions are facilitated and accomplished via effective transaction plans, in accordance with best practises and prevailing legal frameworks.


Business plan execution through hands-on asset management

The process doesn’t stop with the acquisition of a commercial property. We take an active role in planning from initial development strategy, construction, CAPEX and OPEX as well as “green” considerations, through to lease up and or eventual disposal – all with a view to ensuring optimisation of the asset and its value. 



Leasing is a clear opportunity to increase that value of your asset. We will work with you to tailor a customised program that works for you and your tenants. Our focus is on optimising cash flow while minimising risk, in order to give you the competitive advantage in the marketplace.


Assistance during disposal process

Market dynamics, asset maturity, economic factors and your own stated goals and objectives all play a critical part in deciding the right time to dispose of an asset. We are well-versed in the many various and sophisticated options in this regard. More to the point, and again leaning on our existing network and relationships, we take a pro-active approach, while giving the utmost priority to confidentiality.

Property sourcing
Transaction management
Business plan execution
Disposal process
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